Cricut machines are electronic cutting machines. Crafters and DIY enthusiasts primarily create personalized designs for crafting projects, including scrapbook layouts and handmade cards.


Cricut Explore

If you are a beginner and searching for a reliable and budget-friendly machine, the Cricut Explore is the perfect choice for you. Although it is a budget model, it has almost all the features found on other high-end models. It contains an interactive control panel with big buttons that make it easy to use. The Cricut Explore also comes with built-in storage drawers and an ink cartridge that can be easily removed and replaced. The machine’s electronic pen lets you cut any material without any worries or messes. Cricut Explore is an ideal machine for those who want to unleash their creativity and do awesome projects on a budget.

Cricut Expression

Cricut Expression is the perfect option for those who want to advance into creating big and awesome projects. It features interchangeable cartridges that contain cartridges with more patterns, templates, and even fonts. Cricut Expression comes with a wireless Bluetooth connection that allows downloading of expression Studio Software on your computer. This lets you browse the library of files such as images, shapes, and fonts, which can be used during crafting time. It also contains a powerful cutting center that has a card stock width of 12 inches. The cutting area has a maximum dimension of 12 x 12 inches for Cricut Expression. 

Usages of Cricut Machines

The machines are used by crafters, cordsmakers, scrapbookers, and many more. Here are some common uses of the machines:


With its easy-to-use design, the Cricut Explore is designed for beginners. You can use the machines to cut any material. It works great for card making, scrapbooking, paper crafting, and other DIY projects.


These machines are perfect for creating custom cords and braids using your favorite colors and patterns to match your project’s theme or mood.

Scrap Bookers

You can make beautiful scrapbooks by using Cricut Explore machines to personalize the pages with your photos and designs; it makes it look like you used traditional photoshop methods, but you used a machine instead of a drawing tablet, etc.


You can use the machines for your blog layouts and blogs posts. Bloggers love using Cricut Explore to make their blog layout stand out; it’s easier than using photoshop, etc.

DIY Enthusiasts

If you like to make photo frames, home décor crafts, etc., the Cricut Explore is what you need to complete your projects. You could also use it for making cards, etc.


Students could use this machine for school projects; it’s easier than using traditional cutting methods like scissors or scalpels, which could be messy and dangerous if not correctly used.


Teachers could use this machine for teaching purposes. The machines help students draw shapes and shapes without having to do a lot of cutting and cutting mishaps. Teachers could also use the machines to teach students how to create drawings, shapes, etc., without having to buy paper, pencils, or other costly tools.

Professional Crafters

Professional crafters can use these machines to make their projects unique, including dollhouses, mantel displays, etc.; they can do it from anywhere, including their own homes or local craft shops.


Parents could also use the Cricut Explore for commercial purposes such as making cards, journals, etc.; you could also use them for school projects and other fun crafts at home.

Food Lovers

Food lovers could use machines for making their cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and other snacks.


Hobbyists can also use Cricut Explore to create unique and original stuff. For example, you could make paper chains by using the machine; this is what some DIY enthusiasts do to make paper chains; it’s an activity that will occupy your time and help your creativity.


Children love to use these machines because they can draw, cut, and paste them without using paper and pencils. Kids could also learn how to create their characters from paper.

Beer Lovers

If you are a beer lover, you could use the machine to cut all kinds of bottle caps down or regularly design bottles or glasses of beer.

Can Art Makers

If you are a can art maker, you could use the machine for cutting your cans to decorate them; there is no need to use knives and other objects like scissors anymore for doing such things.

Animal Lovers

Animal lovers could use the machine to cut the clothes of their pets to save them from being torn apart by sharp objects or when they have been scared by strangers or when they have been hurt in any other way.


Sewers could use machines for cutting fabrics to make sewing more accessible and more convenient.

Art Enthusiasts

Art enthusiasts could use the machines for making original artworks without having to travel all over for that purpose because machines can offer a lot of possibilities to design things from scratch.

Creative Minds

Creative minds could also use machines for making crafts.

Computer Lovers

Computer lovers could use the machines to make cardholders or make some other types of crafts using their favorite photos and images on the computer and drawing shapes and letters without manually doing so on paper. You could also make and design your stuff like video games and computer graphics which you can play from the machine.


Photographers could use the machines to cut photos from magazines or scans from cameras to editing their photos without getting a photo editor.

Airbrush Artists

Airbrush artists could use this machine to create original designs of different fabrics, especially for painting clothes, etc.

Lace Makers

Lace makers could use this machine to make lace patterns on their clothes or accessories without manually cutting them with scissors and other sharp objects. They can easily use a machine instead of scissors, etc.


If you are getting married, you could use the machine to make and design your invitations and wedding decorations.


Moms could use this machine for cutting and designing fabric sleeves for their babies; it’s a great way of helping mothers who don’t work or can’t find time to make sleeves for their babies by themselves.

Diaper Lovers

Diaper lovers could also turn to this machine to cut diapers, especially when they get them wet easily; it helps them get the diapers that fit perfectly without having the diaper get too tight or loose around your baby’s waist or leg area.

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This concludes the post on top 20 top reasons why you should own a Cricut Explore machine. It’s an excellent machine for those who want to make and create different things and those who want to create and draw traditional stuff like cards, journals, etc.


Q1: Do Cricut Machines Cut Wood?

They are not really meant for cutting wood items. If you need to cut wood or metal there are different tools. They can cut most paper products, many cardstock products, vinyl, fabric, plastic, and most other light to medium weight craft items.